When the company LAUFEN was founded in Switzerland 1892, sanitary conditions were well below today’s standards and level of convenience – standards to which LAUFEN, the only sanitary porcelain manufacturer producing exclusively in Europe at the time, contributed.

Cosentino Silestone Basin


As the makeup of SaphirKeramik allows even the thinnest piece of it to be equal to that of steel, LAUFEN is now stretching the material’s limits not only to create exquisitely detailed textures and patterns, but also increasing its maximum size to a whopping 120cm long washbasin!


The individual planning and design of bathrooms is a growing segment of the sanitary market. Architects and planners of high-quality private residences in particular, but also public and semi-public buildings such as hotels. These builds often require individual solutions that can be fitted precisely into the floor plans of bathrooms and wetrooms, in order to meet the special requirements of the client. LAUFEN is adapting to these requirements with numerous solutions from its range of products and creating bathrooms made to measure.

These include, for example, washbasins, ceramic shelves, mirrors, and bathroom furniture manufactured to the millimetre, but also colour or customisation options. Even faucets can be individualised, and special handles, logos, colours and surfaces can be provided as required.


Cosentino Silestone Basin


This range is one of LAUFEN’s unique ranges, designed by Marcel Wanders, a leading product and interior designer based in the capital of Amsterdam. Marcel has an iconic 1900 product and interior design experiences all over the globe for private clients and premium brands such as LAUFEN.

The New Classic range is a collection of perfectly shaped innovations for the bathroom. The range radiates the practicality of the harmonious form and has been combined with a contemporary style.

Cosentino Silestone Basin
Cosentino Silestone Basin


SaphirKeramik, patented and on display in our showroom, is one of the largest globally significant innovations from LAUFEN. This revolutionary ceramic material reaches its exceptional harness made of blended corundum and a colourless mineral which is a component of sapphires.

This innovative design gives SaphirKeramik a flexural strength equal to that of steel, yet it has the potential to be wafer-thin. This gives LAUFEN’s designers almost infinite freedom to experiment and tear up the rulebook of bathroom design.


Cosentino Silestone Basin


 What makes LAUFEN products unique at first glance is that their Swiss design unites two major trends : emotional Italian design from the south and the northern tradition of design precision and clarity. For LAUFEN, quality has two aspects : manufacturing knowledge and high degree of practical benefit that the finished bathroom affords the customer –  which is often not immediately apparent. LAUFEN, a Swiss company manufacturing products that allow water, a precious resource, to be used sparingly.  This demonstrates their commitment to preserving natural resources and environmentally-friendly production.

Further to this, LAUFEN has continually monitored the use of resources in all its internal and external processes. Targeted measures and appropriate investments promote the efficient and sustainable use of manufacturing resources. Important key environmental protection indicators now clearly show that LAUFEN production sites fulfil the legally-prescribed environmental protection standard, and in most cases also exceed them.


Cosentino Silestone Basin


With lots of sensitivity, international designer Peter Wirz brought about a systematic, production-optimised evolution of the PRO concept. Thanks to its slim silhouette and clearly defined radii, the washbasin has a light and elegant appearance. The deep bowl means that it’s also functionally appealing. The aesthetics of LAUFEN PRO S therefore definitely take the range in the direction of LAUFEN’s premium design lines – while remaining affordable.

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