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W. Relaxing, unique and personal spaces. The renovation of a kitchen or bathroom is an important decision that requires a vision of the final result. It’s important to analyse the dimensions and choose the appropriate materials. Silestone, Dekton or Sensa offer high-quality designs in a wide range of colours and textures, resilient materials and surface continuity, with a minimum number of joints.

cosentino marie top basin



Silestone is a hybrid surface of minerals and recycled materials which can bring colour and texture to your space. Thanks to its exclusive and innovative HybriQ + technology, maintenance is minimal and your worktop will have a high resistance to stains and scratches. And, do not forget about the 25-year Silestone® Warranty!

HybriQ+® (Plus) represents a further step into the pursuit of sustainability throughout Cosentino’s value chain. Silestone® products with HybriQ+® technology contain a minimum of 20% recycled materials, such as glass, in their composition.

With formats to fit your lifestyle, Silestone® can come in thicknesses of 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm thick with the jumbo slab format reaching 325cm in length and 159cm in depth!



Dekton is Cosentino’s innovative ultracompact surface, a technological material composed by porcelain, glass and quartz. It benefits from high strength and versatility, perfect for use in both home applications and larger projects.

This material inspires the future of architecture and design by creating soulful spaces where beauty and functionality coexist in a perfect synergy. Speaking of the future, did you know that Dekton is made of a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted form nature?

The advantages of having Dekton as your worktop include being scratch and impact resistant, abrasion resistant and finally water and stain resistant due to its low porosity.

Another beauty of Dekton is the variety of sizes and thicknesses it can come in. Dekton is available in its small size of 71x71cm and formats as large as 330x144cm slabs! This makes it perfect for creating visual continuity when it comes to minimizing the number of joints on your worktop.



 A common question we get asked is what is Sensa? Well, it is a granite and quartzite with a special stain-resistant protection, which provides your space with visual and functional advantages. Sensa is also low maintenance due to the fact its treatment extends the life cycle of your worktop as no additional sealing is required and the surface is easy to clean.

Natural stone is famous for its unique colours full of personality and originality, capable of meeting the demands of any style and trend. Cream, grey and orange tones, classic textures or stark contrasts – we can offer you infinite natural stone options for all your tastes.

Another pro worth mentioning about Sensa is its 15 year warranty that Cosentino offers.


Cosentino Silestone Basin


This new jointless basin provides a sleek design and unmatched performance, bringing a harmonious aesthetic to the bathroom space, combined with Integrity Technology. Available in stunning colours and formats, Evita can perfectly integrate with the vanity units or serve as an accent piece on its own. Why not come and visit our display in store to see how we have styled the Evita basin?


A simple and functional shower tray design that can easily be adapted to all bathroom spaces. Available in three Dekton colours and two sizes, Gocce can transform your shower space into the most hygienic, stylish and sleek space possible.

Gocce Shower Tray


Integrity sinks allow you to choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes to combine with your worktop, providing visual continuity to your kitchen.


High scratch resistance – daily use and wear will not scratch the Silestone sink

High impact resistance – the sink is highly resistant to daily impacts such as dropping items in the sink

Silestone Integrity Sinks

Here at Totnes Tile, Kitchen, and Bath Studio we provide products of the highest quailty from some of the finest manufacturers in the country.

Cosentino Silestone Basin
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Cosentino Silestone Basin
Cosentino Silestone Basin
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Cosentino Silestone Basin
Cosentino Silestone Basin
Cosentino Silestone Basin

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