Vitra Designer

Bathroom Ideas and accessories.

Vitra Designer believe that the Bathrooms we use are no longer only for washing and using the toilet. They have become a unique and individualized space for people to enjoy and relax in. We understand this change in habits requires a change in design. Bathroom spaces that are based on trends that meet peoples needs. We create practical, technological and visually appealing bath spaces for all by using hygienic and environment friendly products. That are easy to clean, include smart systems and save energy and water.

Design is at the core of the VitrA designer brand. In order for us to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and also to bringing in the millennia of Turkish ceramic and bathing culture into the 21st century, VitrA has built a collection of designers that help identify with our new direction within bathroom and tile design. However, rather than creating fleeting moments of creativity. VitrA is more interested in nurturing relationships with it’s designs over time. This approach has made VitrA internationally recognized for its sophisticated aesthetic and fine-tuned ideas and concepts. Which have earned the brand of some of the world’s most prestigious design awards over the years.


Vitra Designer History

VitrA designer, is a leading brand of the Turkish industrial group Eczacıbaşı. It is the only brand in the global market offering every component of a bathroom. As well as an expansive range of ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles. In addition to lines that are intended for residential use. The brand provides an extensive range of a professional series range. Designed for industrial and commercial establishments.

Since its launch in the 1950s. VitrA’s strategy has continuously evolved in accordance with it’s opportunities for growth. Currently, the brand is focusing its innovation on creating both the best possible solutions for current demands and it’s design projects that anticipate future bathroom design.

Design workshops organized for this purpose in Istanbul. Aim to position VitrA at the center of it’s research about the products, spaces, behaviors and rituals, that might define the bathroom of the future.

Vitra Designer Ethos

The results of these workshops will be exhibited during the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 2016, under the headline BATH TIME GOOD TIME. The exhibition will take place in a former art gallery at foro Buonaparte 60, in the heart of Brera Design District. The space is very appropriate for VitrA’s innovative approach. Neutral and minimal, leaving the main focus on the results of the conceptual design research.

BATH TIME GOOD TIME, as its title suggests, will investigate a new criterion “time” as a source of inspiration for designing new spaces. And products that promote intimacy, beauty, relaxation, meditation, privacy, care, memory and balance. Not only will the exhibition feature innovative concepts about future products. It will also introduce the new design approach behind VitrA’s ambition. To become a unique think tank in the field of bathroom spaces.