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Aqualisa is proud of its history and is a name homeowners and installers can trust for quality, reliability and service. They have been at the forefront of showering technology for over 40 years. In 1977 Aqualisa changed the British bathroom forever with their revolutionary bi-metallic thermostatic mixer shower valve (Thermacoil™). Innovation was a theme they continued into 2001 with the introduction of the UK’s first digital shower. This revolutionary technology offered precise control, consistent showering temperatures and a range of user friendly features.


All Aqualisa digital showers feature a temperature-ready indicator, so you know when your shower is ready for you. Add a remote control for extra convenience and turn the shower on from outside the showering area. A simple on/off button and the ability to divert to a second outlet means that you have complete control so that nothing spoils your perfect shower.


Digital Showers – instead of a traditional mixer valve controlling the shower, a digital processor controls the water flow and temperature electronically, checking the temperature is consistent 10 times a second.

The processor is stored away from the shower either in the loft, airing cupboard or under the bath.

Digital showers are easy-to-use with one button operation and illuminate when the shower is temperature-ready.

There are two variants of digital processor, pumped and unpumped. Unpumped versions are suitable for combination (combi) boilers and high-pressure systems, and pumped are suitable for gravity-fed systems.


Indulge yourself in a bespoke range designed for you to create your own luxury bathroom. Choose your shower or bath system and be embraced by the effortless elegance and simplicity of our technology. The Premier Collection features Aqualisa’s most premium finishes and materials.


Aqualisa introduced ground breaking digital technology for showers in 2001, and has remained the leading innovator in smart showering ever since. Features include touch controls, remote activation and pre-set flow and temperature options that all add up to a uniquely personal shower.

Smart technology works in all bathrooms, providing individual, temperature-perfect showering and bathing for the whole family. As well as different shower configurations, the range includes smart bath fill options for total flexibility and reassurance; some ranges include the ability to save your perfect bath depth.


An advantage of choosing an Aqualisa digital shower is the intuitive LED indicator which lets you know when the “warm-up” phase is complete, so you step into bliss from the moment the water hits you. The ability to add a remote control is both luxurious and practical, allowing you to get your shower to the perfect temperature before stepping in – no more soggy arm syndrome reaching in to turn your shower on.

With every digital shower model, there is also an automatic shut-off function should your hot or cold water supply fail. This integrated safety feature is a huge benefit of going digital, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the whole family is protected.

Is a Smart Digital Shower suitable for my bathroom?

Almost certainly yes – Aqualisa Smart Digital Showers have been designed to work with high pressure, combi and gravity water systems, so even if your water needs a boost we’ve got a model for you. When it comes to thinking about your Digital shower project, think about the siting of your processor box in advance to give yourself maximum flexibility when choosing how to configure your controls.


Aqualisa Premium Shower collection also affords a complimentary range of accessories to personalise your showering and bathing experience.


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